Happy Easter, everybody!
Another layout finished!

Messing around with pictures today!

Domonique2bw_april10th_2006I love this picture of Domonique. She is growing up so fast! I took the color version of this picture from a few days ago and I converted it to black and white using the channel mixer method and I love the results! If you would like to know how to do this and create a great black and white conversion, let me know and I will post the steps! If you click on the picture of her, it will pull up larger so you can see more detail.

How was your Easter? Here we got up at 7 AM, the kids found their Easter baskets and goodies, then hunted eggs for the next hour. They played with the fun things that the bunny left behind while I prepared to cook the ham. Matthew and Domonique peeled the eggs (too many of them!) so that I could make up deviled eggs, and we ate our dinner around 3:30 PM. Of course, after all that Easter candy, they didn't have a whole lot of room for food, but we always snack on it all evening. After that, they spent the day relaxing and lounging around the house. Domonique went swimming yesterday at her friend's house and got a pretty bad sunburn on her face, despite all the preaching I had given her about sunblock, so she hasn't felt real well since. They are out of school tomorrow, then they go back Tuesday.

I get asked alot about giving tips for taking good pictures. I will start sharing some of my favorite tips for those who are interested. One of the biggest things I have done to change the quality of my picture-taking is to change the angle of which I compose the shot. Instead of holding the camera normally and creating a horizontal photo, I try to take well-composed vertical shots to better capture more of my subject. Try moving in closer - MUCH closer - to what you are photographing. It is ok to cut off the top part of hair to get a great face shot with less distracting background elements! You can capture so much more expression by moving in very close to your subjects (assuming they are people - not sure how much expression you can get out of a flower, bird, etc.! LOL!). Try using a diagonal angle for your shots. Some of my best photos have been taken by using this method!

Ok, more on another post! Hope your Easter was fantastic!