Murphy's laws are alive and kickin'.
And today, I give you this...

Thought I forgot about ya, huh?

PlaymatesforevereditSorry for not updating over the weekend! This weekend was crazy but lots of fun! We went to a Hawaiian Luau party for some friends of ours, then a neighborhood pool party on Saturday. We have made so many terrific friends here in Texas, and every weekend for the last month we have been to one social event or another. This coming Friday night, we have been invited to a Texas Hold'Em poker night at the house of some friends, and the following weekend we have another party to attend plus Alex's 8th birthday! Lots of fun coming up.  :) We just love it here!

This is a layout I did for the new Scrapbooks, Etc. Baby idea book so I thought I would share it with you here. Yes, yes, I know, yet another page with a black background. The good news is that I am almost out of black cardstock, and I have promised myself that I will find a new favorite color.  :) Anyhow, if you don't have this idea book, it is a MUST have! Even if you have no baby photos to scrap, just the design ideas are amazing. A shout-out to my buddy Jill who has her very first published layout in this idea book!

Public Service Announcement: I have learned that if you stash a giant bag of M&M's next to the computer, you WILL eat them. Bad, bad idea. I probably gained two pounds this week just looking at them; sniffing their chocolate-yness, and finally succumbing to the little voices from the bag that called out to me to devour each little colored treat. *sigh* Alas, tomorrow I am back to walking around the neighborhood with my lil' poochie for some much-needed exercise.

Like Home Depot? Wanna save 10% off your next shopping trip there? Fill out this form to have a 10% coupon mailed to you. :) I got mine in today! I also got my giant (two feet tall!) wooden letter in from Janna today - run and get yours! They are awesome! I haven't decided how I am going to alter mine yet, but I know it will go in my scrap studio. I think I may get a big "D" for Domonique's room, too!

Here is a cool challenge from the 2 Peas board:

Random YOU:
Fave hair style you ever had: The way it is now - just long and natural curls.
Fave song on the radio you just love right now: Oh gosh, that would have to be "So Sick" Remix with Ne-Yo and LL Cool J.  :)
Fave tv show: Well, if you can actually catch me watching TV, it would probably be something like "Deal or No Deal". I hardly ever watch TV. I usually just peek over the shoulder of someone else watching it and catch little bits and pieces of whatever is on.
Fave musical artist: Male: Phil Collins       Female: A tie between Madonna, Gwen Stefani, and Celine Dion.
Fave thing to eat for supper: Food. No seriously, anything pasta! I think I lived in Italy in a past life or something.
Fave movie: Top Gun. Pretty nerdy, huh?
Best date you ever went on: My first date with Noel. It was amazing!
Your most fave friend: I would probably have to say my Grandma.

Ok, I am off to get my nightly bowl of cereal, then crash.  :) Thanks for reading my gibberish.  :)