Love summer!
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New Chatterbox papers today!!

Wow oh wow!! I got my new Chatterbox paper in today. Holy cow, the box was heavy, and had about 8 inches of glorious new papers! I already have them all neatly put away (getting better about organizing this crazy scrapbook room!). If you want a sneak peek, check out Christy's blog!

So, a sad note. My stepdad passed away three years ago, and both my mom and stepdad owned a home in Norman, Oklahoma that I actually lived in for a while when Matthew was small. Well, since he passed, things got difficult for my mom and she was forced to put the house on the market. As of Sunday, she has found a buyer for it, but it has been pretty hard on her because it is the last thing left that they both owned together. She has been pretty down about it, and I really am sad to see the house get sold, since I have lots of memories for it myself. It isn't really anything special as far as the house itself - just a 5 bedroom, two story, big blue house that holds lots and lots of memories. Even Matthew remembers living there, and he was really young. So while it is a good thing that there is a buyer for it, it is still sad to see it have to sell.

Anyhow. LOL

Speaking of sad (hahaha) my 15th high school reunion is coming up! UGH!! Did I say UGH?? I am not sure if I will go. It is only a two hour drive or so for me, but still, I am not too sure that people would recognize me anyway! LOL! Still thinking on that one. I was listening to my iPod earlier tonight and heard a couple of songs that really remind me of high school. "You Can't Touch This" by MC Hammer, "Bust a Move", "Don't Want to Fall in Love" by Jane Child, "I Wanna Sex You Up" by Color Me Badd, etc. Can you tell what kind of music I listened to? I will kindly leave out the Too Short, 2 Live Crew, and NWA. HAHAHA!  ;)

December1976smlBack to work! Sorry - no interesting photos to accompany my banter, but I will post this amusing picture of me when I was three. Anyone remember Holly Hobby? ;) My mom scanned this one for me a while back. Look at the squareness of those little people toys!!! Cracks me up!

Have a great night!