Live from CHA...
More random thoughts...

Another CHA day!


Here is a photo from the BHG get-together we had tonight during CHA. This is only a few of us. From left to right: Janna Wilson, Melissa Inman, Shannon Zickel, me, Amy Licht, and Amy Howe in the front. We had a great time! I have some more pictures, but am too tired to post them so I will do it when I get back home.

Sandi Minchuk - it was great to meet you today! Glad you got your photo with Melody Ross! ;) I hated to see Courtney and Leah have to go tonight, but they left early. I go back home tomorrow night, and although the show has been a blast, I am tired and ready to go. :) Rhonna was such a hoot, and Shannon Zickel totally cracks us all up! Wendy - so glad I got to hug you and thank you in person. Jessie Baldwin - it was awesome to hug you again! :) A huge thank you to the BHG staff for a wonderful time tonight. It was so cool to get together with the new team, and I wish all the new team members could have been there. hopefully at Memory Trends! Anne - It was cool to see you, and Ruth A. and Amy F. were sweet and funny as ever. :)

So many cool people and so little time. Don't kill me if I didn't mention you! LOL! But it has been awesome seeing everyone. Oh yeah and Thena - thanks for the "hugs"!

Alright, I need to go to bed. Seriously. Tomorrow is the last day. If you see me at the show, you had better stop and say hello! ;)