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A breakfast surprise from... Link??


So Noel and I were in the office working on some projects and there was a noise coming from the kitchen. Next thing we knew, Alex came around the corner carrying this "tray" (cookie sheet!) containing two slices of toast with cinnamon butter and two glasses of ice along with our favorite beverage - Diet Pepsi! Yes, that is a Zelda hat he is wearing, albeit a homemade version. he loves the game Zelda, and he asked his grandma to sew him a hat just like the one that Link wears in the game. This kid wears that hat everywhere - even falls asleep with it on sometimes! So here is our breakfast surprise from Link himself. What a lil' sweetheart! The caffeine was just what we needed to start the day.

Summer is flying by. Matthew started band camp this morning and will practice twice a day for the next two weeks, in order to get ready for marching band season. Alex and Domonique are busy trying to squeeze in the last few weeks of summer by swimming, socializing, and sleeping in late.

I received a phone call tonight from one of my lost long best friends! I haven't talked to him in nine years, as we lost contact. It was awesome to hear from him and see how he has been doing. I had so much to tell him about things that have happened over the years.

I have been thinking a lot lately about karma. Yes, that old adage that pretty much says what goes around comes around.

  • "Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap." St Paul, Galatians 6-7

I firmly believe that you should do unto others the way you wish for them to do unto you. If you wish ill will toward someone, I believe that it will return tenfold. Gossip and nastiness not only can consume a person, but it can also create negativity around its originator. I try to think positively about those around me, even if I don't agree with their ideals, their views, or their attitude. I believe that you get what you give, not only in the creative industry, but in real life as well.  :)

Well, what do you expect - it is late, and I do tend to turn philosophical in the wee hours. LOL! Have a great night! Peace.