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Random tidbits

First day of school in Frisco!


Well, school has officially begun in Frisco! Today was their first day, and everything went pretty smoothly except that Domonique missed the bus (didn't have enough time to finish her hair AND put her mascara on - what a tragedy! HAHA!) so we had to drive her! The bus comes about 15 minutes earlier this year, so she has to boogie a little bit faster in the morning or else get up earlier. Seems like no matter how early you wake up a teenage girl, she WILL still be running out the door last minute, still not having quite enough time! Matthew spent almost two hours on the bus on the way home because the bus now picks up at his high school and the new high school, so by the time he got home he had about 5 minutes to shovel down some food then head right back to school for marching band practice! If tomorrow takes as long, we will just pick him up. It is ridiculous to have to spend almost two hours on the bus.

So we took "normal" (is my family normal?!?) shots and silly shots! The above are my favorite pics of Matthew and Alex. Domonique couldn't be in the picture because she was still off in the bathroom somewhere running a hair dryer. Geesh. Below are my favorite two pictures of her - again, one "normal" and one silly. They are growing up too fast.


Today I got an e-mail from my 5th grade gym teacher! It turns out that she moved to Frisco in 1995 even though I had her as a teacher in Oklahoma, and I saw her photo/bio in the local newspaper so I e-mailed her. She wrote back, remembered me, and we are going to try to meet for lunch! She just retired this year from being the principal of Anderson elementary right here in Frisco! It can be such a small world sometimes.

Speaking of the local paper, I got asked by the Frisco Enterprise newspaper to be interviewed about me writing for the "Chicken Soup for the Scrapbooker's Soul" book! I thought it was really cool, although I am still wondering how they got my telephone number! I will post more details as soon as I know them.  :) Wish me luck!

OK, I have to throw in my music for the day! HAHA! I love the song "Relax" by Frankie Goes to Hollywood (yes, I warned you that I am an 80's nut!) so if you also like that song, you should listen to "Relax" by Powerhouse 5000. It is a great version of the original with an alternative edge. I blare it regularly.  :)

Thanks for reading.  :)