Tom Hicks' Estate Hits the Market in Dallas


Tom Hicks' home (largest estate in Dallas) has hit the market at $100 million! Do I have a buyer? :) The main house alone is 50,000+ square feet, and that doesn't include the fabulous guest house. There is also a huge recreation building with a full-size movie theater in the basement, perfect for entertaining throngs of friends or even strangers!The stove (from France) in the kitchen is worth $65K! No expense has been spared in the design and renovation of this gorgeous mansion.

What is your favorite feature about this home?


Tom Hicks - $100 Million Estate Hits the Dallas Market!

New Contemporary/Modern Designed Homes in Frisco!


Do you prefer more contemporary, modern home designs but would still like to live in Frisco? You're in luck! Check out the model homes in Phillips Creek Ranch here in Frisco... these stunning homes by an Australian company are sure to delight!

If you would like to take a look at these in person, please call me at (214) 909-8008 for a showing or for more details!

Modern, contemporary designs in Frisco!

Frisco, Texas Makes the "Nice" List!


Frisco, Texas makes the "nice" list! Another great reason to buy a home in the Frisco area... if you would like to find your dream home, call me today at (214) 909-8008. Read on to find out more about Frisco making the "nice" list:

Frisco, TX Makes the "Nice" List!


The Judge Decides Against the Frisco HOA Allowing City House to Continue Operating


Kudos to this judge; now City House can continue to operate, pending the remaining civil case. This is such wonderful news for City House-Frisco and the young adults who depend upon them. Read more about the decision that took place Friday morning here:

Judge Decides Against Frisco HOA in Favor of City House

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Dominion at Panther Creek - Northeast Frisco!

2014-10-30 19.02.37

Always a beautiful sunset in Texas! I took this photo tonight from the Dominion at Panther Creek subdivision, a beautiful community in Northeast Frisco. This stunning neighborhood has a gorgeous pond, community swimming pool, two beautiful parks, and an amazing elementary school (Tadlock Elementary) within. If you would like to see more of Dominion at Panther Creek, send me an email at!

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Rest in Peace, Beverly Carter... And a Rant.


I am irritated with many people right now - both in the Realtor community as well as the general public - on some views that I have seen regarding Beverly Carter's death.

For instance, there is a post on a real estate site that talks about various apps, etc. that could be helpful to Realtors in regards to personal safety (which is wonderful information!) however, in the first paragraph the author states, "With the recent, horrible, kidnapping and death of REALTOR® Beverly Carter in Arkansas after showing a vacant home to an unknown person, personal safety is first and foremost on people’s minds today."

I take issue with the "unknown" remark. I have seen people post in various forums stating that they feel that she "brought this upon herself" because she was alone, etc. They have blamed her for what happened and passed judgement without further facts.

Technically, we don't know that he was "unknown". He may have been "known" to her. We are not privy to those details (and may never be). He could have been someone that she showed property to before with no prior issues. Perhaps another agent that she worked with had shown him property previously with no issue - he DID buy another home in the recent past and just because he paid someone cash for it doesn't mean that he didn't use the services of another Realtor at some point. Perhaps she did see his ID. Perhaps she took a picture of it with her cell phone and the police didn't release that information, or perhaps that is what helped them figure out who to look for.

The point I am making here is that while this is a very sad and tragic event, I believe it is very unfair to assume that she was showing the home to an "unknown" person when we have no way of knowing exactly what safety protocol she may or may not have followed. The point needs to be focused on how we can keep ourselves safe, and not cast Beverly Carter in a light that allows others to perceive that she was irresponsible when that information isn't known, it is assumed. She very well may have taken many precautions before showing that creep the house, and I think it is unspeakable to make the assumption that she "could have done more" or that she wasn't being vigilant. Furthermore, I am sure her family is going through enough grief without having to see others lay blame when they have no right to.

Bad things could happen to any of us, even if we take every precaution possible. It is our responsibility as Realtors to implement every safety procedure that we can and assume responsibility for our own safety. Is this an eye-opening tragedy? Of course it is. But the important thing is to increase our own safety protocol as Realtors (and in general) from this point on.

Sorry. It has been bugging me. Rant over. My thoughts are with the family of Beverly Carter.


5 Helpful Tips for House Hunters - What You Need to Know!



The following tips can help homebuyers define their priorities and streamline the process of shopping for a home.

1 - Location matters. Location is a key consideration when choosing a home. Many factors can affect the desirability of a location including commute times to work, proximity to schools, and access to shopping, restaurants and other neighborhood attractions.

2 - List what you want in a home. You'll save hours of time if you decide early what features are most important. Your goal should be to find the right home without falling in love with one that may not suit your needs.

3 - Obtain a pre-qualification letter from a mortgage lender rather than guessing how much you are qualified to borrow. A buyer pre-qualified for a loan is often in a stronger negotiating position.

4 - Take good notes about the homes you visit. Turn your priorities into a personal checklist and use it to track the features of each property.

5 - A real estate professional can save a great deal of time and effort. Today's homebuyers have access to a wealth of information, but may not have a way to tailor it to their needs. That's where a real estate professional can be of great assistance.

If you need a Realtor to assist you, don't hesitate to contact me today! I will help you find your dream home, and have your best interests at heart.