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February 2006

More than stage fright!

Img_4064editOk, here he is in all his sick glory. LOL! He is still a cutie, I think! He has been throwing up all day long - about every twenty minutes or so. Poor little thing. I guess it wasn't stage fright after all. As a matter of fact, he was pretty mad about having to come home, but there is always next time.  :) He has been lounging around the house in his bunny slippers and snuggling two of his most precious elephants. I gave him some lemonade but he throws that up too. No fever, though, so it must be some sort of stomach bug.

I am off to go get him some medicine! Have to run to the pharmacy to pick up some medicine for him and then I will hit the drive-thru to get me a large (ok, XLG!) Diet Pepsi! I could use one today! Then I think I will crank up the 80's music on my iPod and get some more scrapping done.

Stage Fright???

Img_3426_edit Poor Alex.

He just got to school a few minutes ago, but the school nurse just called and said we had to come and get him.

He was supposed to have a play today at school, and he had a part in it. He has been quite obviously nervous about it all week, but this morning he said his stomach didn't feel too well, but he seemed ok, so he got on the bus.

He threw up on the bus.

I feel so badly for him! He is on his way home now, but I hope for his sake that he is not sick because of stage fright. Poor little thing!

I love this picture of him with one of his favorite little elephants! When my stepdad passed away several years ago (three days before Alex's 5th birthday) my aunt and uncle bought him a stuffed elephant (mammoth, actually) and he has been in love with stuffed elephants of all types ever since. The mammoth gave him something to hug and squeeze during that difficult time for him. :)

I am off to find one of the little stuffed critters now so it will be waiting to greet him when he gets home. Please send feel-good vibes our way!  :)

Getting ready for Vegas!

Img_grand_2Wow, am I ever excited! I am leaving Sunday for Vegas! I have never been there, so this will be kind of cool. I wish I didn't have to go without my family, but at least I will be hanging out with some cool chickies!  :)  I will be staying at the MGM Grand, so if you are going to CHA and you are staying at the MGM (or even if you AREN'T staying there!) holler at me and I will give you my cell phone number so we can meet! I will be at the Chatterbox booth on Tuesday from 11:30 AM to 1 PM doing make and takes, so please stop by and say hello if you get a chance.

I am totally in love with the new A2Z papers! You can see cool sneak peeks at Heather Preckel's blog. This paper rocks!

Went to the gym again today. Aren't you proud of me? HAHAHA! My legs are really sore after an hour and ten minutes of cardio, but the eucalyptus steam room was awesome. I think I would live at the gym if I could get away with it. There just isn't enough time in a day.

By the way - we finally heard from FEMA today. Such wonderful news - NOT! Given the fact that our $305,000 house was completely destroyed and was condemned (about to be bulldozed!) by the City of Biloxi, they have made a final decision on how much monetary assistance they are going to give us. A grand total of...  now don't faint away from the generosity... $2400.00! Yes, that is two thousand four hundred dollars - which is supposed to be enough to not only replace our clothing, etc. but ALSO rebuild the house! Can you believe it? I think I might just pass out from their generous offer!

OK, I know I sound really sarcastic and crabby about it, but I know of people who HAD insurance on their house (we didn't) who received the full amount of $24,000.00 per person, plus content replacement to cover furniture and belongings. To say I am slightly annoyed is an understatement. Thank God we were able to buy a house and move on. If we would have been holding our breath waiting for FEMA to assist us, we would have suffocated moons ago. So to anyone else out there waiting for help from them - I hope you have better luck than we did! Oh well, at least the wait is finally over. Pick up, move on! LOL!

I am finally off to bed! G'nite, mates!  I promise my update tomorrow won't be as whiny! LOL!

CHA - done!!!!!

26405 This is my favorite piece of the new Chatterbox papers! Isn't it yummy??

Finally! I am done with my Chatterbox layouts for CHA and they are in the mail. You can see the new goodies at the Chatterbox web site! There are new rubons, beautiful new rooms, letter stickers, self-adhesive transparencies, and so much more. I can't wait to see how the layouts look in the booth! As soon as I can, I will post them here.  :)

I got final approval on a layout for BHG today! This one will be going in the July issue under the "Make it Yours" column. I did a page about Matthew and scrapped a letter he wrote to me. It is really sweet. It was kind of funny because he handed me the letter, then tried to get out of the room quickly because he said he didn't "want to see me cry"! LOL! What a sweetheart.  :)

Now that I am finished with CHA layouts, I am working on another BHG project and also more items for the Scrappers Bliss site. That site seriously has some cool stuff, and if you want to see some of the new Scenic Route stuff, you must check it out! She has it up already!

I went to the gym today and did an hour of cardio and worked out on the weights a little bit. It felt good to get back in there after a few days of not going. I don't like to get out of the habit. I am almost down to the weight I want to be - I am 126 right now, so just a couple more pounds to go and I will be happy!  :) I have lost about 20 pounds since the summer CHA show, so it will be cool to go back next week and weigh less!!

There are only 4 entries so far in the Chatterbox trunk contest I am having, so remember - if you would like to win a brown Chatterbox trunk, please purchase a discount card from Alex before January 31st for only $10. For each card you purchase, I will enter you into the drawing for the trunk! He is still trying to earn that lunch in the limo!  :) A big thanks to Amy Howe for buying two!

Ok, I am off to bed. I have been so exhausted after these late nights of working on CHA pages, so I think I am heading to bed.

Tagged again! WOOHOO!

I love getting tagged! HEHE! I got tagged by Leah, so here are my answers:

The rules for this particular tagging are as follows: Remove the blog name in the top spot from the following list and bump everyone up one place. Then add yourself to the bottom slot.

  1. Karen
  2. Andrea
  3. Courtney
  4. Leah
  5. Jlyne

Then you get to select five people to pass the love on to. I'll choose five awesome gals:

  1. Andrea Hill
  2. Suzy West
  3. Karlyn
  4. Jennifer Stewart
  5. SusieScrapbooker

Here are the questions.

What were you doing 1 year ago?

I was getting my layouts ready for CHA and we were working our butts off on trying to fix up our house in Biloxi so we could sell it. Little did we know that all that work would be for nothing! LOL!

Five snacks you enjoy (in no particular order, as all snacks are created equal):

  1. Celery with cream cheese
  2. Hershey caramel kisses (these things are addictive!)
  3. Cereal - always! Usually Frosted Shredded Mini Wheats or Special K.
  4. Cheese cubes
  5. Guacamole and fresh tortilla chips

Five songs to which you KNOW all the lyrics:

Shoop by TLC (yes,it is old!)
Paul Revere by the Beastie Boys (yes, another really old one!)
For that matter, almost any 80's song... my blog isn't named "MsRetro" for nothing! LOL!

Five things you would do if you were a millionaire:

  1. Give back to all those who helped us through Hurricane Katrina - and then some!
  2. Buy my mom a house, car, and anything else she needed so she would never have to work.
  3. Set up trust funds for my kiddos
  4. Give random amounts to homeless people, or those in desperate need, like single moms.
  5. Buy myself a Hummer (H2) and a super-fast computer.  :)

Five bad habits:

  1. I stay up way too late.
  2. I procrastinate horribly, but am getting a lot better!
  3. Drinking too many carbonated beverages, but at least it is Diet!
  4. Taking too hot of baths - dries out my skin terribly.
  5. I'll answer this one later... wait, that is procrastinating! HAHA!

Five things you like doing:

  1. Scrapbooking!
  2. Writing - my ultimate goal is to get a position with a magazine where I can write and scrapbook!
  3. Helping my kids with their homework or other projects
  4. Taking pictures and working on improving my photography
  5. Checking the mail - yes, snail mail! The mail lady must think I am a stalker.

Five things you would never wear, buy, or get again:

  1. I will never buy another Chrysler-made product!
  2. A house on the water - never, ever again. I love the water in my yard, but not in my living room. UGH! I think I will stick to taking beach vacations!
  3. Poofy bangs a la 80's style! Good grief, we all probably ruined the ozone layer with all that Aqua Net!
  4. The bladerunner. 'Nuff said!
  5. Shirts with huge linebacker shoulder pads.

Five favorite toys:

  1. My Canon 20D
  2. My computer
  3. My Ipod
  4. My scrapbooking stuff
  5. My puppy

Thanks for reading!

Tagged by Suzy West!!!

Ok, I love getting tagged! Here goes:

There's a first for everything!!! Fill this out and send the same questionnaire to 3 bloggers. Keep it going...

1. First time you got kissed: 12 years old - in seventh grade - by Shad Steward

How was it? A little weird, but I thought it was pretty cool! It was very unexpected. I kept that silly shirt I had on that day for years just because it was sentimental. Yes, I am an official DORK.

2. First time you drove a car: Age 15
What kind of car? I first drove my uncle's mini truck. I also wrecked it while he was teaching me how to drive it! OOPS!
3. First time you scrapbooked: In July of 2002
When you look at your page do you love it? Actually, I think it is pretty hideous! Lots of goofy die-cuts and I cut my picture into a circle. *gasp!*
4. First time you went on a date: Age 15 (10th grade) Where did you go and with who? Went to the prom with a Junior. We stayed for about 15 minutes, then left and went driving around with another couple-friend of ours.
5. First time you fell in love: Age 15
How did you know? I was obsessed with thinking about him and wanting to know every little thing about him. He consumed my thoughts! 
6. First time you cooked for someone: Age 16
Was it yummy? What did you make? Unfortunately, I think it was Hamburger Helper - luckily you can't mess that up too badly!
7. First time you got on a plane: Age 15
Where did you go? Were you scared? I went to visit my family in Nebraska. I flew on Christmas night, so I got to see all the cool Christmas lights from the plane. I loved it! It was such a rush!
8. First time you shaved your legs: Age 11
Did you cut yourself? Not THAT time, but there have been plenty of other times! LOL!
9. First time you put one make up: I was 13
Looking back how did you do? Did you look good or like a clown? I didn't do too badly. My aunt was a pro at putting on makeup so she always taught me what she knew. It is so funny because I would only wear clear mascara and peach lip gloss. NEVER eyeliner.
10. First time you moved out of your home: Age 16
Was it an apartment, house, etc? I first moved in with my new in-laws. I got married when I was still a senior in high school!

Ok, now let me see what ladies are in trouble...

How about Courtney, Molly, and Leah? :)

Alex's fundraiser efforts - win my Chatterbox trunk!

Browntrunk Ok, I know that most of you obviously don't live in North Dallas and would not have any benefit whatsoever of buying something from Alexander's fundraiser (my second grader!) BUT...

He is trying to sell 20 discount cards so he can earn lunch and a limo ride! This is a school fundraiser. The discount cards are $10 each and they offer coupons/discounts for various North Dallas restaurants.

Here is the deal:

If you buy one or more discount cards for $10 each from Alex, I will put you in a drawing for my prized brown Chatterbox trunk! Yes, ladies, this is my original Chatterbox trunk that very few people were able to get their mitts on. I can accept the money via credit card or Paypal, or you can mail me a check as long as I get it before January 31st.

He really has his heart set on this limo ride, so please help!  :) To order one, please e-mail me at [email protected] .

We will love you forever. PLUS... you might win my trunk!  :)

Random late night musings

So, I went to the gym today, finally, after a 5 day hiatus. That may not be a long hiatus, you might say, but I have become quite used to the gym routine and actually enjoy it very much. I have been so busy with CHA projects that I have not been able to go every day, but today I broke down and said, "I am going and that is that!". Of course, it didn't help much that late tonight I went through the KFC drive-thru and ordered a chicken fried chicken dinner with mashed potatoes and gravy. *sigh* Hey, at least I worked it off on the cardio machine earlier. That is my only saving grace. Now if I can stay away from the caramel-filled Hershey kisses, I will be ok. Gosh, those things are divine!

So I got another page to do for BHG (Scrapbooks, Etc.) and I am BEYOND excited! I just love working with them! Have I said that before? LOL! Now if I can just do the page justice and do a good job. Deadline - next Wednesday. Gonna get busy.

I am such a mean momma. LOL Matthew wants to go to MIT but this kid has been so lazy lately with his grades. He has always made near perfect grades, until we moved here. He got a zero in Geometry today - a ZERO! Like, that means not even TRYING! I can be more patient with a failing grade on a paper, but a zero means you didn't even make any effort; just plain lazy. Period. It ticks me off. I have grounded him, and yes - I know that sounds harsh, but this kid has a 167 IQ and makes a freakin' ZERO on a paper just because he was too lazy to do it and turn it in. Ok, you can tell me - I am a mean momma. One day I hope he thanks me. If he wants to go to MIT, he had better be making some good grades and not be getting any more zeroes.

Scan003smallWell, here is the only baby photo left of me. Not sure why I felt the need to share it, but I need to find someone who can restore it for me. It was severely damaged in the hurricane, but luckily not too badly. If any of you know where I might take it, please let me know. I would like to have it restored so I can scrap it for the kiddos. :) I wish my baby book would have been spared, but no luck on that one. I was able to save the front page, as it got soaked but was still readable. The photos in it, however, were just a jumbled brown inky mess. I planned to scan them a year or so ago and save them to DVD, but never got that far. I have learned the hard way! Learn from my mistakes and SCAN, scan, scan! Save several copies via various media formats and don't keep all of your pictures in one location.

Ok, I am back to work. Lots more CHA stuff to do, and little time left to accomplish it! Wish me luck!