Scrapsubmit up and kickin'!
Messing around with pictures today!

Happy Easter, everybody!

Eggs5 dozen eggs later, we have completed coloring our eggs and will soon leave out the ceremonial carrot for the Easter Bunny to nibble on when he arrives. Let me also say that the "marbled eggs" kit that is for sale at Wal-Mart produces gorgeous eggs, but is a very messy and sticky procedure that was performed only by us parents this year. There was no way I was gonna hand over some eggs and PAINT to the kids to create those shiny, sticky masterpieces. They stuck with the PAAS! LOL!

Good grief, everyone and their brothers wanted to make ham dinner for Easter around here, as made apparent by the number of times we had to return to the grocery store to look for a ham! Every time we went, they were sold out! We finally snagged one today, so we will have glazed ham, broccoli casserole, mashed potatoes, and lots of deviled eggs to feast on tomorrow!

So I am on the prowl for people who take great black and white film shots. Is this you? E-mail me! You just might be glad you did!  ;)

Happy Easter, everyone! May it be full of peace and love.  :)