Oscar Mayer had a WHAT?!?

It is official.

Dayatthepark_500kIt is official that taking this cold medicine has boosted my creativity. HAHA! I have had some horrible bronchitis and allergies since Sunday and in the midst of blowing my nose and coughing up lovely sputum (great mental picture, right?!?) I have actually produced a few decent pages! This one was the first time I used Basic Grey, and now I am somewhat addicted to the bright, vibrant colors of the papers. I love how it turned out! Now if I could only realize that there are other colors aside from black to use as a background. There is just something about black cardstock that makes the colors jump right out! Now if only I could stay creative after the cold meds wear off...

My friend Janna is a genius, and has created the most awesome product ever! I am so excited about it! She is sending me a very large wooden "J" to alter and I cannot wait! You must check out her blog and see what I am talking about. Aside from being the sweetest person ever, she is just a GENIUS!!

I am finishing up the article I am working on for BHG and am very excited about it. I am also finishing up some pages for The Scrapbook Stand, and I was asked to be the May Featured Designer for My Daughter's Wish! I am so excited! I also had a page requested a few days ago by BHG and another one yesterday for Scrapbook Trends, so I am very excited about those.

I am off to scrap!