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How to create a tiny accordion album

I had written this little how-to a while back, but thought I would repost it here since someone e-mailed me a few days ago and asked me exactly how to make one of these little accordion albums.

Creating a tiny, handmade scrap album is very simple, using materials you already have. You can decorate them in an endless amount of ways, creating a super gift idea for friends, family, and loved ones. They make wonderful gifts for any occasion, including holidays. These albums are also extremely inexpensive to make.

Start with a piece of 12 x 12” cardstock. A sturdy, kraft-colored cardstock will give excellent results. You will need to cut a strip of the cardstock into a piece that is 12” wide and 3” tall. One sheet of 12 x 12” cardstock will make four tiny albums!

Once you have cut the strip of cardstock, you will then measure 2 “ increments, and fold the cardstock every 2 inches, back and forth, accordion-style. This will give you your “pages”, as you will be decorating the front and back of this “accordion”. Using a bone folder to create the folds is strongly recommended, as you want them to be very crisp, so the album will not only look better, but also the pages will lay nicely when it is folded.

Cut a piece of chipboard into two 2” x 3” pieces. The chipboard will reinforce the front and back cover of your miniature album. Next, glue one piece onto the front of the accordion, and the other piece onto the back. You should have something that looks like this:





Again, this is an older album that I created a while back, but the design steps are the same for the actual album itself.  :)

Have a great Wednesday!

When the finished album is folded up, you will see the “Love” cover, and the journaling will be the back cover. Finish your album by tying a pretty ribbon or piece of twine around the whole album. This keeps it flat, and also keeps it closed. You may even want to give the album in a gift box, and it will also fit into an altered Altoids tin. You can experiment with different colors and textures of cardstocks to get the results you want.

This album will fold up flat when completed.

Now you are ready to begin decorating the pages! Keep in mind that you will want to keep lumpy embellishments to a minimum, as the album will not lay flat if the pages contain many three dimensional items.

In my example album below, I used a red, white, and black theme. (***DISCLAIMER*** I told you I wrote this a while back, so no making fun of the "old" supplies! LOL!) I adhered red cardstock and 7 Gypsies papers to the front cover, and then applied Mod Podge with a paintbrush to seal it. This adds even more strength to the front cover, and helps protect it from fingerprints. I carried the color scheme throughout the album by using more 7 Gypsies papers, KI Memories Time paper, and red cardstock. I used Adler font, and also the Making Memories date stamp. On the back cover, I printed my journaling onto white cardstock, then adhered it to a piece of red cardstock that completely covers the back, and I Mod Podged over the entire back cover to strengthen and seal.

Here is my finished album!

Cover1sml Digg!

Printable 6" x 6" Calendar Template for you!

6x6calendarA friend of mine asked me to create a printable calendar template for her so that she could create custom 6" x 6" calendars as Christmas gifts for her friends and family, so I made this template for her to use. Feel free to download it and use it for your own projects! I left blank space at the top so that you can create a title - either printed with some cool fonts or you can even use letter stickers, chipboard letters, or whatever else you dream up. The squares are blank so you can customize them for any month. Just click on the image and it will pull up a full-sized image for you to save.

If you create a calendar using this template, send me a picture/scan! I will send a goodie package to my favorite calendar!

Have fun!


Color trends for 2007

ColorblocksHere are some colors that are predicted to be big in fashion for the upcoming 2007 Spring/Summer fashion lines. As most of you know, scrapbooking usually takes many color/style cues from fashion and home decor lines, so it will be interesting to see how many of these colors actually end up flooding our paper and embellishment lines! I am predicting lots of purples mixed with neutral colors, such as black, grey, and white. What are your predictions? I am loving the peachy-salmon colors - those are my favorites!

I hope that some of these colors inspire you!

Begin with the end in mind!

Lately I have done so much reflecting. Much reflecting on what I have learned from my past experiences, what I want for my family for the future, where my priorities lie (or where they SHOULD lie), and lots of other things. Next month I turn 33 and I guess that as I get older, I start to realize the blessings that I have and the things in life that are important to me. I realize that I have life goals that I want to achieve and that I need to be working every day to do something, even if small, to achieve those goals. I have goals for many things - personal relationships, business, family matters, and my faith. As I think about my goals and what I want to achieve, I am reminded of this quote:

  • "Begin with the end in mind." - Stephen Covey

I know where I want to be in my life; now I start working from my end goal to make the decisions now that will lead me there.

Can you relate? Are there people in your life that you have taken for granted? Are there dreams that you have given up on because "life" got in the way? It is never too late to make changes.

I have made some phone calls and e-mails to some very important people in my life.  :) I have also begun to analyze exactly what I need to do to reach my "end result"; to put into motion my plan of action to achieve my goals. I hope you will, too!

Another layout to share

AphotoshootgoneawryHere is a layout that I created for Scrappers Bliss using the "Laguna Guy" line of papers by Junkitz. I love the Heidi Swapp chipboard letters - they are addictive! And yes, that is a coluzzle template that he is looking through in the middle black and white photo - he is a silly kiddo!

Thank you to all of you who chatted with me last night at Creative Crafts and Stickers! It was great to "meet" some of you!

Wow, it has been a while!

Homecomingmum_1Goodness, I didn't realize how guilty I was of blog neglect! I am so sorry! Things around here have been somewhat chaotic, but have calmed down drastically now that Matthew's homecoming week is over! Wow, what a week it was last week! First, he came home on Tuesday and asked me if I knew how to make "mums". I am like, "Mums? For what??" and he said that in Texas, it is a big tradition to make (or buy - hehe!) the biggest, gaudiest, trinket-filled mum you could possibly fathom to give to your homecoming date on the day of the game. I had not ever seen this "giant mums" so I quickly relied on the old friend Google and did a search for the elusive mums that he spoke of. Holy cow was I ever bowled over! There was NO way I was making one of these bad boys myself, so I found a shop in Addison, TX that specialized in them, and off we went to choose the trinkets, ribbons, etc. for the mum. When we got to The Mum Shop we were quickly overwhelmed by all the styles and choices for these things! After about an hour and a half, we created a pretty mum for Lauren (his date-but-not-girlfriend) and were told that we could pick it up on Thursday. Now let me tell you, I was NOT prepared for the cost of these things! This mum was $99.10!!! I almost fainted clean away! So here is a picture (although not a great one) of the mum he gave to Lauren. Yes, that is a toilet behind the mum - please forgive me for shooting this thing in my office bathroom! LOL!

Mumgarter_1So he gave her the mum last Friday morning and of course, she was instantly the envy of all her friends because the thing was danged-near as big as she was! She is a cheerleader, so we chose a megaphone to put in the bear's hand on the mum. I am not sure how she managed it, but she wore it all day at school, cheered in it at the pep rally, then wore it to the game Friday night. Also, it is tradition for the girls to give a "homecoming mum garter" to their guys on the day of the game, so Matthew came home on Friday with his own matching mum garter - and was pretty proud of it! Here he is holding it, although reluctant to have his picture taken. Please excuse the horrible quality of the photo - I took it inside a dark room with flash (bad, bad Jlyne!) and had to lighten it up quite a bit for you to even be able to see his face. With reluctant teenagers, sometimes you just have to be thankful for the shots you can get and just deal with the lousy quality later! I am lucky he posed long enough to snap THIS one! LOL!

Mattandlauren_small_1So Saturday night arrived, and Matthew and Lauren went to the Cheesecake Factory to eat prior to the dance, then we chauffeured them from the mall to the school where the dance started at 9 PM. Here they are before the dance, and this is Matthew's first "date". I think they looked great! He was so excited, and I was such a nervous wreck for him that I couldn't even eat dinner. I am such a worrywart!

They really had a great time. After the dance was over at midnight, they went to IHOP with some friends to have breakfast then came home. Everything went well and I worried myself for nothing. LOL! It is just one of those things where you know it is a memorable event for your child and you want everything to go just right for them! Oh - and the football team won their game, so that was even better.  :)

OK, I am getting ready for the celebrity chat tonight at so I would love to chat with you since I am the "celebrity" guest! *coughnotsosureaboutthecelebritypartcough* but it sounds like fun! The chat starts at 8:30 ET, so be sure to stop by, register for the forums, click the "Flashchat" option in the upper right corner, then say hello!