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I am alive and breathing! HAHA!

Hey everybody! Hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas! We had a special day full of food and fun. We stayed here in Frisco, but we enjoyed opening presents, eating way too much food, and just being thankful for having full stomachs and a roof over our head! What a great day! I will post some pictures tonight.

I got one of these for Christmas:

Wishblade_1I am so excited - I have been wanting a Wishblade for the longest time! It is backordered, so I don't actually have it yet, but it is supposed to be shipped on the 29th so I can't wait to get it. Now I won't have to end up with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome from all the hand-cutting of letters and shapes using my exacto knife. YAY! LOL!

The kids had a great Christmas. They are upstairs playing with all of their goods and I haven't heard nary a peep out of them since they opened their presents! It is so funny how kids open their gifts then hibernate in their rooms with all the goods.

I bought Noel a Playstation 3. Yes, I know it is frivolous, but he is a big kid at heart and loves to play video games! He lost his PS2 in the hurricane, so this was a cool gift. I found a guy who had bought one for his family but then needed the money for Christmas so he decided to sell it. It had never been opened and he had the receipt too, so I bought it. He has been in the living room playing Call of Duty.

I am really excited about the upcoming Scrapbooking Crop for Kids in Canada next October! I will be joining some other really fabulous teachers and will be teaching for this fundraising event. If you haven't already checked it out, please do so. It is a very important fundraiser and I cannot wait to be a part of it!

Ok, off to clean up some Christmas mess and work on some projects for BHG! I will post some pictures here in just a bit!