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I have been retweeted by Duran Duran!

As many of you know, I am a huge Duran Duran fan.

So huge that I actually felt butterflies in my stomach (almost to the point of nausea!) when I saw that Duran Duran retweeted one of my tweets on Twitter, today...

2013-01-26 15.34.54

It was almost as awesome as when I was at the VH-1 Pepsi Fan Jam two years ago in Dallas and after the concert, Simon LeBon reached down and squeezed my hand. I thought I would faint right then and there!

At 39, they still have me starstruck. LOL!


New Palmolive Fresh Infusions are refreshing, inexpensive, and effective!


I recently received this set of three Palmolive Fresh Infusions dish soap from Influenster to test and review. All three scents smell terrific - Ginger White Tea, Lemon Thyme, and White Basil - and are inexpensive but extremely effective! Ginger White Tea is my favorite scent, and it actually makes washing dishes by hand more fun when you can smell the exotic scent while still keeping hands soft. The long-lasting suds are strong enough to soak through grease and baked-on food in a very short time. I would have expected this product to cost more, but at Wal-mart it is very inexpensive (around $2.99) and the large bottles last a long time. This soap, unlike other dish detergents I have used, leaves no film or residue on my dishes, which allow them to be sparkly clean and shiny. The dishes actually look and FEEL cleaner than when I use my favorite brand! I highly recommend any of the three scents.

I received this product in exchange for an honest review from There was no other compensation for this post. All opinions are my own.